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Growing, strains, use, enjoyment and all the rest. You’ll be able to buy all the stuff you need to get set up to ‘HOMEBREW YOUR OWN’ and it can be a real fun project to undertake. Homegrown is the best kind of weed there is ..FREE! Yep, pretty much that’s what it is!.. Sure you’ll invest a little bit up front but man, I’ll tell you, the benefits of knowing exactly what your smokin’ is a big bonus! Grow it clean and GREEN. Share it with your ‘buds and budettes’! Get all stoney and you’ve got the bragging rites to a powerful smoke!

Yeah, I’m a bit crusty now but I know the green and how to ‘make’ it .. 🙂 In the old days we did not have all the fancy gear and if you’re on a BUDget,, it’s all good. You can get growing for a couple hundred bucks. We used fluorescents in a certain set up as learned in the CLASSIC MAG ‘HighTimes’. No shit. It was GOOOOD shit! And tasty too. Brutally stoney and you could stick a prime bud right to the wall if you wanted to! We preferred to toke it though. Spin one up and check out for awhile. Why not?

It’s no joke anymore as Marijuana, Weed, The Green, Grass, Ditty.. whatever you call it, it’s health benefits are epic and well known now. Remember ..moderation may be the key 😉 COUGH COUGH.. whatever. Beats the shyte out of running to the doctor and getting screwed over for a bottle of pills nobody knows WTF the shit does to you. Get with the program and get in the GREEN!

Thanks for stopping by. I *really* appreciate it! You’ll find my affiliate disclosure below.. no big deal! I gotta make a little jingle too you know! When you purchase product through this site I get a little taste.. It ain’t much but helps pay the bills and all my other bad habits too! Plus you get to learn lots of useful stuff and save yourself a shitload of cash to boot! Like everybody says these days, “GO GREEN”! It’s the only way to fly without a ticket! (well, COUGH COUGH COUGH.. not really but we’re sticking to one subject here!) HAHAHAHA!

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