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Strain Review: Golden Leaf Scientifics’ Avatar OG Gold Edition

The Strain Review is the quintessential column. And since cannabis consumers come in many forms, we’ve included multiple points of view. Our longtime reviewer Monterey Bud joins contributors Lesley Nickus, Allena Braithwaite and Suzy Nguyen. Today, they’ll be reviewing Golden Leaf Scientifics’ Avatar OG Gold Edition.

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Monterey Bud

Within Hinduism, avatar refers to the manifestation of a deity in bodily form on earth. Avatar OG by Golden Leaf Scientifics is also considered a divine teacher from the transcendental realm, as it helps those seeking enlightenment on our mortal plane. The buds are blessed with inspirational trichomes, a shade of light green camo and intertwining amber pistils. Dense, flavorful, and spiritually revitalizing, Avatar OG’s overall scent was reminiscent of a walk in the forest on a rainy day, a rich smell of earth, and a slight whiff of pine. I clipped, ground, and lightly packed the gorgeous flower into my favorite piece of glass, then with the first hit immediately tasted the typical OG flavor profile – diesel fuel, pine, and skunk.

Comfortably numb on two hits from my bong as the high set in, I began to understand why the cultivators named this OG cut Avatar. While some teachers explain why 2+2 = 4 (or, maybe in today’s politics, 5), other types of teachers point us towards the path of self-awareness. Avatar OG is one of those teachers.

Lesley Nickus

At first whiff, Avatar OG smells like every other OG on the market – earthy with a hint of pine. And at first taste, pretty much the same. But the effects are what make this OG stand out. The potency of Golden Leaf Scientifics’ Avatar OG is out of this world. After grinding up the dense, trichome-dusted green nug, which was spotted with tiny orange hairs, and sharing a joint with friends, it took the rest of the afternoon for my head to fully come back to earth.

The good news: Avatar OG is not the type of day-ending high it initially feels like. Over time, relaxation sets in, each sensation is enhanced, and all you want to do is go outside and soak up the sun – or zone out on some productive, yet solitary, workday duties.

Allena Braithwaite

Prepare yourself — for Avatar OG sends you to another world. This OG sports dense bud structure and a rich, earthy, and pine scent truly worthy of it’s Gold Edition moniker. I prepped the buds for a joint and carefully tried not to handle them too much. It probably makes little difference, but I want to lose as few trichomes as possible. I rather those get lost in the kief chamber instead of my fingers. C’mon! We all want those trichs!

After the joint was rolled and ready to spark, this cultivar produced a dizzying high that was coupled with a case of the munchies. I was pretty fortunate to pair this delicious and potent cultivar with heavenly cuisine. I imagine Avatar OG to be the perfect choice for a summer barbecue at a toke-friendly place with the people you love and the snacks of your dreams.

Suzy Nguyen

Avatar OG had me stunned the second I pressed my lips to the joint. Golden Leaf Scientifics’ Gold Edition Avatar OG really caught me off guard with its potency, and floored me with its earthy, slightly gassy hits. I hit the joint like I would any other, and found that I had to take smaller hits if I wanted to continue participating in the circle. Before smoking, I intended to go for a midday workout, but after the session, my motivation was gone. My body was feeling good anyway, so I instead decided to satisfy my munchies and treat myself to something tasty. To avoid the guilt of not working out, we walked  to a nearby convenience store where I came upon label after label of sweet treats. In the end, I resisted and got a more “adult” lunch, which was devoured within seconds. If smoking Avatar OG is what it takes to be a Na’vi human hybrid, then smoke me out and send me to Pandora!

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