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Growing your own garden with Jason and Vikki

Today we are talking about growing your own medicine at home with a live demo through our tent cam and the interesting developments we have come across with a full-fledged auto flower, and how to handle these situations. Are auto flowers good, bad, favorable, or not recommended? Let’s discuss it!
We have Vikki on with use today! We will be discussing CBD and its medical benefits and how to’s with it, as well as personal therapy. If you are experimenting with CBD or looking into it drop your questions in the live feed!
And lastly, a massive GREEN OUT to High Voltage! With some of their delicious live resin out we had a near green out more than once last night! Their resin is so golden and smooth it’s hard to stop dabbing it!

As always Cannafam, LIKE, SHARE, AND ENGAGE with us from Cannabis in Canada and with the Cannafam Community! We have been here for 11 years and will stay loyal and supportive of our family!
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How to grow weed with this world famous guide.

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