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4/20 2019: What Illegal Legalization Looks Like

POT TV – A red-eyed glimpse at Vancouver’s historic 420 protest.

Scanning the news, Parks Board meetings, the event and its coverage, “What Illegal Legalization Looks Like” views Vancouver’s historic 420 protest to end cannabis prohibition through red, but sharp eyes.

Why do over 100,000 citizens need to justify their right to public expression, association and assembly to public servants? And why do they have to gather in such numbers to free millions of people who are being punished because of their expression or association with a plant?

Additional footage by Cannabis Life Network, Ark Productions, Rich TV Live, Granite Doctors.

For full day’s coverage of the event, the news, the Parks Board, Cypress Hill, Why 420 is a protest, and much more, stay connected to Pot.TV.

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