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A Message From The Government of Canada

POT TV – A message from the Government of Canada. Happy 420!

What would happen if protesters hurled thousands of black market joints into a massive crowd during the worst overdose crisis in Canada’s history? Vancouver’s historic 420 protest, where a crowd of over 160,000 people were able to buy, sell, share. use and celebrate ‘black market’ marijuana safely.

Despite the Government of Canada recognizing a national health emergency in the overdose crisis, federal, provincial and local governments continue to attack a safer alternative to deadlier drugs, and avoid an obvious part of the solution, a safe drug supply.

How can any politician credibly claim cannabis requires continued criminal prohibition enforcement in the face of such a massive demonstration of safe drug use? What message are they sending?

Watch 420 minutes of 420 protesting, including the tossing of over 10lbs of joints and a performance by Cypress Hill, a dissection of illegal legalization, and much more, at PotTV.

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