November 12, 2019
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America’s Youngest Black Woman Dispensary Owner : Hope Wiseman

CANNABIS CULTURE – Born and raised in Prince George’s County, Maryland, Hope Wiseman is passionate about her community. A graduate of Spelman College, where she received a Bachelor’s in Economics. She is now a trailblazer for women of color wanting to enter the emerging market of medical cannabis.

This passion has now bloomed into here latest venture, dispensary Mary & Main.

Hope cites her time as co-founder of her Alma Mater’s Habitat for Humanity chapter as some of the most educational and inspiring opportunities she encountered on her road to entrepreneurship. After spending a year at SunTrust as an Equity Institutional Sales Analyst, Hope decided to continue striving for excellence by pursuing her dreams of entrepreneurship. With her financial and banking background, Hope founded Mary and Main (formerly Compassionate Herbal Alternative) on the foundation of her vision to create opportunity for minorities who have been disproportionately affected by the war on drugs.

Hope holds personally the core values of Mary & Main, making it her mission to provide quality products to her community while offering a comfortable experience to patients who suffer from chronic debilitating illnesses.

But, what IS Mary and Main?

Passionate Pioneers Against Negative Stigma

Cannabis has been proven to be a renewable and amazingly beneficial alternative to many modern medicines.  Marijuana doesn’t come with the harsh and often toxic chemicals that many prescribed pharmaceuticals contain, and has been proven to assist in easing a wide range of physical and mental complaints.  However, due to the negative stigma that surrounds the plant, it has been difficult to get the product the positive attention it so rightly deserves. Mary and Main is avidly trying to change that negative stigma, and instead show patients and others the incredible healing power that marijuana offers.

Philanthropists and Educators

In order to truly change the negativity that surrounds marijuana, it’s important to reach out to the community and create a healthy dialogue about alternative healthcare and responsible medicine. Mary and Main does this by giving back to the community and staying active in charity work and education efforts that expand awareness of cannabis medicine.The Mary and Main team knows that by breaking down the mystery and rhetoric surrounding marijuana as a medicine and educating a community on its use and benefits, we can all work together to open the minds of others and promote a more accepting environment for marijuana and its medicinal uses.

Do you live in Maryland and interested in obtaining your Maryland Medical Card? Head over to the Maryland Medical Cannabis Commission website to register before visiting Mary and Main!

Meet your friendly neighborhood Maryland medical cannabis dispensary, Mary and Main, home to a diverse and knowledgeable staff of physicians and cannabis experts who values patients above all else. Staying true to the idea that medical marijuana is a much safer and reliable source of relief than opiates and other prescription drugs is what motivates them on this journey.

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