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Canada’s Largest Marijuana Retailer is Making Cannabis-Infused Kombucha and Here’s Where You’ll Be Able to Get It

Zenabis Global Inc. is partnering with True Buch, Canada’s largest cannabis retailer to serve cannabis kombucha drinks to Canadians across the country.

If you’re a fan of cannabis and a fan of kombucha, you’ll be excited to hear that Calgary cannabis company, Zenabis has officially acquired a 51% stake in a True Buch, a Canadian kombucha company. In addition to this exciting news, the company has decided to release their own line of cannabis-infused kombucha drinks for Canadians to enjoy.

Zenabis Global Inc. is one of Canada’s largest cannabis companies known for selling, educating, and growing all things cannabis. The worldwide recognized company has recently signed a new partnership with the Calgary based kombucha making company True Buch.

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