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Canapy Growth are they still Covering up a 1 Ton seizure of illegal cannabis

Canapy Growth are they still Covering up a 1 Ton seizure of illegal cannabis? – If so why no charges the police said it contravened the CDSA thus charges should have followed especially with 700 pounds of packaged weed. Corporation Cartels
As always we will be discussing this weeks update on plants

RCMP went silent about massive pot bust over concern for marijuana producer’s stock price, documents reveal

Quote: “But according to internal RCMP briefing notes, the items Tweed and Mettrum told Health Canada they would be importing from B.C. did not match what was seized at the Kelowna airport on March 31.

On paper, Tweed and Mettrum said they planned to transport 2,071 plants and 730 plants, respectively. But when RCMP examined the shipments, they instead found harvested marijuana buds that were packaged for resale, the records say.

“It was packaged bud that was seized, which is materially different from ‘plants and seeds,’” one RCMP investigator wrote.”

Quote: More than 900 pages of internal records obtained by the National Post reveal for the first time the lengthy deliberations that took place among RCMP members in B.C. and at RCMP headquarters in Ottawa over what, if anything, to tell the public about the March 31, 2014, seizures at Kelowna International Airport.”

For me this is simple Tweed changed their name to Canapy Growth shortly after this seizure. Note that stock analysis for Canopy Growth Corp (WEED:Toronto) including stock price, stock chart, company news, key statistics, fundamentals and company profile all hat just hit the stock market that month so Tweed could not have this seizure effect their stock profile would be my “guess”

John Conroy, myself and ,many others have not forgotten Canapy and claiming it’s a five year old matter does not negate the illegal action nor the statute of limitations. Why did it take 5 years to release the 900 pages that tell the truth you had 700 pounds of prepacked cannabis ready for sale in hockey bags.

We will also cover plant porn and being three weeks into flower what’s your preferred method to max out your yield?

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