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Cannabis Day 2019

POT TV – A look back at Cannabis Day 2019 from Thornton Park in Vancouver BC.

Cannabis Day 2019 in Vancouver BC’s Thornton Park was a success, a perfect demonstration of what true legalization looks like. Speakers, musical acts and multiple vendors selling cannabis without unnecessary government regulation celebrated a sunny day and receptive crowd in an open, entertaining farmer’s market.

At 4pm free joints were handed out to the crowd, who send up a collective plume of smoke at 4:20pm.

Speakers and musical guests included: Elvis Nelson, Marijuana Man, Carly Marley, BCBudGal, Jeff Lundstrom, Freddie Pritchard, Marc Emery, Dana Larsen, Neil Magnuson, Craig Ex, David Malmo Levine, Jodie Emery, Opus420, Landlord, KG Fresh and LT Irie.

Watch the uncut LIVE STREAM of the event, hosted by Craig Ex, on PotTV.

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