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Concentrate Review: Craft Concentrates’ Panacea High-C is a Potent Cure for What Ails Ya

Before purchasing your next gram of marijuana extracts, a quick note on Craft Concentrates Panacea High-C Live Resin: These dabs are notorious for their elevated cannabinoid levels – thus the ‘High-C’ nomenclature.

Panacea High-C is a strikingly dynamic cure-all for those plagued with minor pain or a sense of tedium, and one that infuses the weekend’s activities with a creative mindset. Cultivated and extracted in Colorado by Craft Concentrates, Panacea High-C Live Resin is a full-spectrum extract that is produced with the cannabinoid aficionado in mind.


Panacea High-C Live Resin is golden, granular, and flashing a slightly moist appearance. As mentioned above, Panacea High-C notes the simple fact that these concentrates were conceptualized as a means of obtaining a live resin with a elevated cannabinoid content. Hit with a dash of Clementine terpene sauce, my gram of Panacea High-C presented itself as an impressive pile of blonde-ish crystals. Loaded with therapeutic benefits, once the jar of Panacea High-C was cracked open, the full-spectrum live resin had a slight whiff of Tangie crossed with a twist of muted lemons.


The high-cannabinoid dab revitalized my sluggish psyche after the first hit. Ripped from a preheated ceramic e-nail, the dab slowly melted into a bubbling liquid of therapeutic bliss. As the dab of Panacea High-C dissolved gracefully on my nail, I gently pulled the cloud of velvety smoke into my hungry lungs. Eager to maximize my initial relief, I carb-capped the first dab and held it for effect. After holding the dab for approximately 10 seconds, I let go what little vapor was left. And, with one ghost dab down, I felt a renewed sense of peace and relaxation.


Panacea High-C is mild yet noteworthy. The sample I received was created by mixing crystallized cannabinoids with a terp sauce from the Clementine strain. Semi-sweet and somewhat citrusy, the flavor of Panacea High-C had an understated taste of Tangie crossed with lemons. A rambunctious live resin, Panacea High-C was on point with regards to taste and potency. While the Clementine terp sauce instilled its Tangie nose and vague lemon flavor, the asymmetrical chunks of cannabinoids were the real star of the Panacea High-C show.

The High

While the first dab of Panacea High-C Live Resin cleansed my mind and nourished my spirit, the second rip from the rig sharpened my appreciation for life. An end of summer dab, Panacea High-C not only provides a mental reboot on your perspective, it also helps to mitigate anxiety, lethargy, and the occasional foul mood.

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