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Consuming CBD In Different Ways

Consuming CBD in Different Ways

Cannabis is a very versatile plant. People have been using it medicinally and recreationally for thousands of years. It has been done by many different races and cultures all throughout the world. As the years have gone by, we have discovered many active compounds within the cannabis plant. The main one that produces psychoactive effects is THC. This is what everyone knows as marijuana to be and the effects of euphoria it comes with.

What is CBD?

Within the past 70 years, we have discovered CBD and the things it can help with have been discovered quickly. CBD or Cannabidiol is one of the over 100 cannabinoids found in the cannabis plant. It does not produce a high like THC would. If used alone, you would not feel the psychoactive effects but instead feel the relaxing state it brings.

In order for Cannabidiol to work well with our bodies, it requires the correct receptors. Luckily, our body already has the endocannabinoid system with all the receptors around your body. When you consume CBD, it gets spread throughout your body. Your receptors around your body help with inflammation, menstrual cramps, mood, mobility and more.


Cannabidiol provides many benefits. The Farm Bill of 2018 helped legalize CBD on a more national level in the United States. This has helped the market move around quicker and bring more products to consume CBD. However, the benefits are far and wide, which is why a lot of people are purchasing it.

  • Anxiety: One of the reasons why CBD is said to calm anxiety is because of its relaxing properties. It helped by using the 5-HT1A serotonin receptor. This receptor can cause anxiety and depression. When you take anti-depressants, this is the serotonin receptor that is blocked.
  • Inflammation: When you take CBD it helped bring the body to homeostasis which is the level of balance your body needs to be at. This can help swelling and inflammation. Taking ibuprofen or pain meds can increase inflammation.

Consuming CBD?

Taking CBD can happen in many ways. That is one of the best ways and different ways of taking it have different absorption rates. Some consumption methods will take longer than others.


If you are looking to get the effects of CBD rather quickly, it’s better to smoke or vape it. Some people may be against this because either they don’t want to smoke or simply can’t because of irritations in their throat. If you don’t mind it, taking a few hits from your vape juice or your hemp flower.

Vaporizers are a great way also because they can be used in multiple ways. You have dry herb vaporizers, dab pens and CBD oil vapes. These vapes can be used in many different ways whether you want to vaporize the dry herbs themselves, the wax or the CBD oil.

Tincture Oil

The most common method of taking CBD is with a tincture oil. Not only do most people prefer this way but this is generally how it is portrayed. It is always in a tincture bottle. It is a great way to take it because not only can you dose it properly because of the dosage label on the back of it but it also has a quick absorption rate.


One of the least common ways of taking Cannabidiol is through CBD edibles. Although they are the slowest way to get the effects, they are very strong and long lasting. Your body goes through a different process in absorbing it because it gets metabolized through the liver rather than going through your bloodstream.

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