September 17, 2019
Medical Cannabis

DNA Genetics, Creator of Tangie & More – True OGs

In True OGs, veteran cannabis journalist David Bienenstock tracks down legendary old-school growers and breeders of the outlaw era as they transition from life underground to being part of the new legal cannabis economy.

Don and Aaron (the D and A of DNA Genetics) initially enjoyed the symbiotic relationship of weed dealer and customer. Then they became friends. And finally business partners.

In 2004, rather than try to compete in the still grey market medical cannabis industry developing in the United States, they decided to pull up stakes and open up shop in Amsterdam, The Netherlands—the one place on Earth where their venture would be viewed as legal.

“We are known as the ones that brought OG Kush to Europe,” Don says, “and then put it out in seed form to the masses.”

As new kids on the block, Don and Aaron brought with them not just youthful enthusiasm, but also a whole new generation of prized California genetics which they used to create next level cannabis hybrids like LA Confidential, Chocolope, Tangie and Kosher Kush.

More recently, they’ve moved their operations back to California, where they’re firmly established among the largest and most respected cannabis brands in the game today.
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