July 20, 2019
Cannabis News

Former Yonge St. HMV Reinvented as a Pot Shop

For Blaine Barber it was a blast from his past, a chance to revisit the former Yonge St. HMV store where he had purchased hundreds of records. But this time he walked out of the same address with a different type of product: the kind he can smoke.

“I thought it was going to be much larger,” Barber, 49, said when he walked into the Tokyo Smoke cannabis store. Located north of Yonge-Dundas Square, it opened Monday and saw a steady stream of customers.

The store is intentionally kept small. Store management said demand will dictate the pace at which they expand, with enough room to go up to about 6,000 square feet from its current 1,500 square feet.

– Read the entire article at The Star.

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