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From Under The Influence with Marijuana Man: Hindsight is Always…420!!!

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Today on the show: Hindsight is always 420.

Marijuana Man is joined in studio by Vicky.

There was a climate strike on 420. Look up ‘industrial hemp’.

The earth only wants us for a couple of CDs.

Why make a flower shop feel like a tech shop, or liqour drop? I want friendly flowers.

Ontario’s getting cold on wholesale?

This is a demonstration, clear evidence of marijuana being safe. Grab a pencil, or a joint, or both. HB Kush. Crayola Kush.

A sudden frost!

The Ganjfather.

Time to show us your demands. Who’s being harmed?

Some of the strongest cannabis we can find, and we can find cannabis!

Give ’em the hose.

How to grow weed with this world famous guide.

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