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From Under The Influence with Marijuana Man: The Best Cannabis Investment…The Black Market!!!

From Under The Influence with Marijuana Man: The Best Cannabis Investment…The Black Market!!!

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Today on the show: What’s the best cannabis investment? The Black Market.

Marijuana Man is LIVE from a socially distant location. He reads the LIVE CHAT.

Marijuana Man is joined fireside by Mr Cookie.

The Black Market is still the best investment in town. Low prices. High quality. No bullshit.

What does the chat want to know?

Why are we still paying for prohibition? If it’s legal, we shouldn’t have to go to the bank to buy weed.

Trust much? You wouldn’t trust a muffin served like that.

Ballers have an ounce, but no one wants to smoke it with them. Real ones have gas, and good nature. Bless!

Who’s testing the testers?

What is the science all scientists agree on?

You didn’t even know what this was? You couldn’t pick a seed out of a line-up, let alone stick your neck out for one.

Legalize your cannabis. Leave ours alone.

We did this. All of us. The Black Market is the people.

Defund the Drug War. The number of people in the streets is a direct demonstration of the number of the people who feel they can’t trust 911. Protests are people screaming 911 in person! Help! The Police!

It can’t last forever, even if it feel like it.

Why does booze get great seats?

We’re still wearing flowers in our hair.

Mr Cookie has fire on fire. Can’t fool Cookie.

Show notes:

One year after Canada legalized weed, figures suggest a large number of Canadians still buy their cannabis on the black market

Cannabis black market still thriving 18 months after legalization

Do Marijuana Stocks Have a Trust Problem?

Aurora Cannabis to lay off 700 staff, expects $60M charge, plans to close 5 facilities

Aurora, Tilray, and other Canadian Cannabis Companies sued for selling Cannabis product with false Potency Levels

How to grow weed with this world famous guide.

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