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Growing Cannabis – Community Grow Channel 1-26-20

Growing Cannabis – Community Grow Channel 1-26-20

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Whats up GROWERS!

Hey Guys and Gals, sorry i have not been around it has been a crazy couple of months. More so this last month because i am dealing with alot of break up bullshit. But in the end it is over and i have just been dealing with the tail end of it all. For some reason i am a hard ass about dam near everything but with break ups i am a total pu$$y. I dont know maybe it is one of my faults.


So on this video i am going into cloning and we are doing another run with the AERO Cloner that i made. it worked last time but its a little bit of a leaker. But thats cool we will figure it out because what other choice do we have right?

I really try and dive into this one because i really want to show you all how i process this plant and get things rolling again. I cut the mother down to nothing! in hope that she will take some time to veg out again and i might just maybe be able to flower her in the up coming months. IDK we will see!!!

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Octane Grow Tent
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