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Hiking While High: A Match Made in Heaven?

Prettymuch any physical activity can be enhanced with a good batch of bud. Not onlyin terms of enjoyment, but by enhancing the physiological and psychologicalbenefits of getting active. Science has confirmed weed’s capacity to maximisethe benefits of exercise, creating the perfect excuse to combine the two.

Hikingis no exception to the rule, being one of the most rejuvenating and generallyfulfilling forms of exercise. Particularly if you stray off the grid for aleast a few hours, where wasting time on Snapchat and Instagram simply isn’t anoption. It’s just you, those you’ve brought along for the ride and yourglorious surroundings.

…and ahefty bag of dank to spice things up a bit.

Why Hike While High?

Whenyou think about it, hiking while high is a no-brainer. Getting out into theopen countryside represents the ultimate all-round sensory experience.Theunique sights, sounds, smells and sensations of being one with nature. Whetheryou’re out for a few hours or planning a few days in the wilderness, it’sinspirational and emotive in the extreme.

Giventhat cannabis can fire-up all five of the senses, why wouldn’t you take some along for the ride?

Just afew hits of a thought-provoking cannabis strain in the right setting can beborderline life-changing. Likewise, unwinding after a 20-mile hike with a batchof your favourite bud around a roaring fire is something else. Cliché, perhaps,but amazing nonetheless.

Still,it’s not necessarily advisable to simply grab a random bag of bud and hope forthe best. If you want to get the most out of your high hike, a littleforethought goes a long way.

Hiking High…Responsibly

At therisk of sounding preachy, the answer is yes – hiking high responsibly isimportant. Right off the bat, it’s worth considering how you plan on gettingout and about in the first place. If you’re sticking with public transport orwalking the whole way, no problem. If somebody needs to drive, somebody’s goingto have to stay clean. If nobody’s willing to be the designated driver, youmight want to consider alternative options.

Packingfor all weather conditions is always a good idea when hiking, but doubly sowhen hiking high. The reason being that there’s a pretty good chance you’lllose track of time and could find yourself caught short. Chances are you’ll notbe hit by a blizzard in the middle of summer, but be sure to take common senseprecautions in accordance with the season.

Dehydrationis always a risk when hiking, but can be intensified/accelerated significantlywhen smoking cannabis. Ensure you pack more than enough water and sports drinksetc. for the ride, along with additional supplies should you need them.

Ifyou’re planning on consuming cannabis through inhalation, it’s also worthcarefully considering altitudes. Hikes that involve scaling mountains couldmean exposing yourself to thinner air with lower oxygen levels, which cantrigger a variety of side effects at the best of times. Inhaling anything thatisn’t fresh air can intensify the effects of oxygen deprivation, so it’s worthconsidering edibles if you’re heading for high ground.

Planningyour exact route ahead of time could also be useful, rather than making thingsup as you go along. Depending on how baked you intend to get, you could be morelikely to get lost if you don’t have a specific route to follow.

Lastbut not least, try to remember that just because you’re having the time of yourlife on a high hike doesn’t mean everyone else wants to know about it.  Try to conduct yourself with dignity anddiscretion, causing as little disturbances possible and leaving no mess behind.Don’t set the cannabis community back another decade by behaving like ana**hole with other hikers in the vicinity.

Strategic Strain Selection

Asmentioned, grabbing a random bag of bud and hitting it hard isn’t the way togo. Deal yourself a dose of couchlock with a 15-mile hike ahead of you andyou’ll soon be wishing you stayed home.

Dependingon your intentions and your tolerance to THC, you’ll find plenty of cannabisstrains that are perfect for hiking. Though it has to be said that the followingare perhaps the most highly-recommended of all:

Green Crack

When itcomes to delivering the immediate and long-lasting energy needed to do prettymuch anything at all, GreenCrack takes some beating. A textbook energisingstrain that hits hard with an immediate blast of mental focus, Green Crack isexcellent for outdoor pursuits in general. It’s also comparatively easy tohandle – not nearly as sticky and awkward as some strains.

Stone Mountain

Thispotent Indica hybrid is more about instilling a sense of confidence andoptimism than firing you up with relentless energy. If you’re feeling anyanxiety or apprehension about the journey ahead, a few careful hits of StoneMountain and you’ll be ready to tackle anything. It’s not a strain to hit hardwhen you’ll be needing your wits about you, but is nonetheless excellent forgentler and less-demanding walks outdoors.

Agent Orange

With afragrance and flavour profile as wonderful as the great outdoors, Agent Orangeis also the ultimate anaesthetic. The idea being that at the end of a longhike, you can count on Agent Orange to quickly and indefinitely alleviate anyaches and pains you might be experiencing. It’s also fabulous for getting a greatnight’s sleep while camping, before heading out the next morning.


Lastup, Jillybeanis just the ticket for delivering a potent yet pleasant dose of energy andmotivation ahead of any physical activity. The head-to-toe energizingproperties of Jillybean are something else, with little to no discernible psychoactiveeffects whatsoever. Excellent for maximising energy levels, keeping your sensesrefreshed without altering your perceptions.

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