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How Much I Smoke In A Day

I get asked this question every single day….”How Much Do You Smoke In A Day?” (Intended for the 18 & over)

This is How Much I Smoke In A Day

Honestly I’ve never pre weighed my weed out.. I always just grab some nugs and that’s the end of it … I’ve smoke ounces back to back with homies …but how much am I really smoking?
I decided to weigh and keep track of how much I’m smoking… except dabs and edibles I DID NOT COUNT.

I didn’t realize I was grabbing 8th’s at a time hahahahaha….Jesus 😂 I know I smoke a lot but I didn’t think I was knocking out grams like that !

So guys for those of you that made it toward the end…how did you like the surprise STORY TIME?!?

Thank you for watching How Much I Smoke In A Day

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