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Labor Day: Strains That Will Have You Working Hard and Playing Even Harder

After almost three months of labor, we approach the end of summer in the mood to celebrate all of that hard work. In the U.S., Labor Day is the first Monday in September and dedicated to the social and economic achievements that American workers have made to the strength, prosperity, and well-being of the country. To show our appreciation, has grouped complementary daytime strains with evening strains that will keep your energy levels high without crashing.

Super Sour Diesel and Herojuana

Super Sour Diesel is perfect for daytime use because it simulates the electric-energy equivalent of pounding a few espresso shots. The mind moves just as quickly as the body and spits off thoughts and ideas like rapid fire.

Once the fast-paced effects of Super Sour Diesel wear down, take a toke of Herojuana and feel your body sink into a hollow euphoria. Just like that, the workday melts away and you finally get to chill. Your mind remains engaged so you can recall the day and remember details for those expense reports. The strain’s fragrant aroma and musky lemon-berry flavors are soft on the senses. So, turn off your oil diffuser, settle in, and call it a night with Herojuana.

Green Crack and Fruity Pebbles

Power through meetings with ease with Green Crack. Dreading your workload? Have no fear; start your day with a fresh bowl of Green Crack and watch those gears churn through your day’s agenda. Green Crack soothes anxiety and enhances confidence, allowing you to breeze through tough tasks.

End the evening with Fruity Pebbles. Sure, you can pour a bowl of the famous breakfast cereal to enjoy, but a bowl of adult greens is a less sugary way to combat stress. Similar to our favorite childhood cereal, each hit of Fruity Pebbles pulls in tropical berry flavors and leaves a milky trail of smoke. The strain boasts moderate THC levels, so your mind can prepare for tomorrow while the body melts into a euphoric couch lock.  

Sour Tangie and Grape Ape

Much like Super Sour Diesel, a morning dose of Sour Tangie locks a deep diesel aroma that appears only when it’s smoked. The fiery flower is rich with citrus overtones to give your taste buds a splash of vitamin C-like terps. As you inhale, the effects will start to intensify, pumping a sense of elation into your entire being. The high begins in your head, then circulates throughout the rest of your body, keeping limbs stimulated with an energizing buzz. Sour Tangie offers relatively high THC levels and can help with muscle spasms and migraines.

For your evening pleasure, replace that glass of wine with Grape Ape, which allows you to stay in control of pain and mitigate mood swings. The flavor profile combines the taste of berries and grapes for a tasty toke that is profoundly relaxing. Consider it a kind of instant beauty rest..Grape Ape comes with a warning, so know that if you smoke too much of it, you might find yourself in a solid comatose.

Strawberry Cough and White Rhino

Each hit of Strawberry Cough bursts with refreshing juicy fruit flavors that carry through to a fragrant strawberry aroma. This bud provides an uplifting cerebral exhilaration that is sure to plaster a smile on your face. It’s helpful for melting away social anxiety, stoking confidence, and helping you find humor in everyday situations. The potency will keep you chatty and cheery, making Strawberry Cough a perfect daytime vacation strain.

White Rhino is a sugar-dusted flower with a spicy scent that slaps you right in the face. The bitter, earthy blend leaves a tingle on your tongue, while the effects work their magic to knead out the stubborn knots in your stomach and generate a massive appetite. Take the time to prepare an awesome dinner and pop it in the oven before you spark a White Rhino joint. Warning, smoking before cooking may result in ordering fast-food delivery.

Durban Poison and Cherry AK

Durban Poison consistently clocks low-to-mid-twenties when testing for THC potency. Spark Durban Poison first thing in the morning and prepare for a productive day. Durban Poison boosts excitement and keeps you engaged and enthusiastic while alleviating chronic pain. It is an effective strain to have on hand for an errand-filled day.

Cherry AK nicely complements Durban Poison. The deep cherry flavors are accented by a blend of earth and citrus that fade into a diesel fume. The psychoactive properties will keep your mind boggled, and will wash away negative thoughts. Cherry AK delivers full-body effects that will slowly creep into your system and work its way from head to toe.

Pineapple Express and Purple Kush

Hop on the Pineapple Express and feel the burst of energy rising within seconds. Take in the crisp apple and tropical flavors that linger after every hit. Once you penetrate through the funky overtones, your taste buds will experience the sweet tropical flavors that whisk you to the islands. The mild body buzz will keep you floating high on Cloud Nine all day and enhance focus.

Purple Kush also offers body-numbing effects that leave the body feeling completely relaxed and at ease. In addition to its dazzling purple coat, the Purple Kush flower offers a rainbow of berry flavors and effects that tame other overstimulating strains that keep your mind racing. Its ability to calm nerves while preserving a positive perspective will help you fall into a serene slumber while the mind retains a cerebral euphoria that will have you waking up with a smile.

J1 + True OG

J1 is a sweet-and-sour blend that inherits its traits from Skunk #1 and Jack Herer. The flavors are exquisite. At the first inhale, you’ll taste a spicy pine, then Jack Herer’s signature stench makes its way through. The high-energy effects distract the mind and stop thoughts from going down an endless rabbit hole. That may help you stay focused and relaxed while you maintain productivity.

True OG is a great Friday night strain. The effects are potent enough to relax the body without affecting focus. The exotic spices of True OG emerge upon each pungent inhale, while the refreshing citrus flavor balances with a potent skunky aroma. True OG melts away stress and social anxiety, so you can enjoy the Friday night you worked hard to earn.

There’s no harm in ending the day the way you started it. After a long day of work, or even before it starts, roll up a fresh doobie and enjoy the calm before the storm. Let us know what strains you pair for day and evening use in the comments below.

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