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Lift Expo 2020 Vancouver – Remo Full

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It’s been over a decade of destruction witj my good friend and Bro – you all know him as Remo @remonutrients. Its amazing and humbling to see all my friends @lift.vancouver succeeding in the legslized industry of cannabis. 💯💨💨

Remo was also a founding member of the Cannabis Rights Coalition 👈and his wife Sandra sat on our National Committee assisting in our plight to save home growing in Canada.
Remo was also our "expert grower" 👈👍whiteness in the Allard trial so when you see him next say thx….if you understand.

#powerplays #clarity #Lift #growyourgram #homegrown #RemoNutrients #growfourplant
#liberity #CannabisOGs #culture #604power👈⚡

Cannabis in Canada 👇


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