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Living with Dope As Yola : The Dopest Vlog

This is a 3 month adventure into my life….get ready for cotton mouth!
(intended for the 18 & over)

This is Living with Dope As Yola : The Dopest Vlog
All uncensored content is on www.DopeAsYola.com

So as you know I smoke a lot, and sometimes I tend to forget things I had to do…just like anyone…..but I really forgot on this one ahahaha.
A few months ago I started filming for a vlog, I wanted to film my day.
So I did that over n over again because I kept forgetting to finish the vlog. So I have about 10 different vlog days with no ending….so I decided to do a robot chicken style mash up of these past 3 months……I never realized how much stuff I do. I only film about 20% of may life….I think its time to film it all now hahaha.

So the Telemundo part….feel free to look up the interview …after I saw the news report I text the reporter and hellllla politely told her she was deceptive and unprofessional for flipping the interview on me….I told her " I only do youtube and even I know thats unprofessional"……that was then end of the conversation ahahahaha. so be it i guess ahhahhhahha.

The rest of the vlog is just an insane amount of fun and smoke ….I truly LOVE MY JOB !!!!

Thank you so much for watching Living with Dope As Yola : The Dopest Vlog

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