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LP and MICRO vs Home growers is there a difference? Lets to discuss as well as dosing

1.2. This morning’s special edition of Cannabis in Canada Live will be addressing dosing regulations set forth by the federal government of Canada. We know 1 TON of cannabis was seized and 700 pounds were in hockey bags. Tweed/Canopy Growth simply abandoned the tweed name to get away from the now 900 pages showing real organized crime via corporations who had enough power to stop anyone from being charged. We have had recalls and much more to justify today’s discussion. Is a tent or basement grow really any different than these micros or

QUOTE: “As the Alberta government’s top numbers man, Dr. Lyle Oberg said he had a glimpse of the kind of cannabis cash slipping through its fingers.

“While I was finance minister, the amount of money being lost to the black market in cannabis was massive,” said Oberg.

“If you want to wipe out the black market, you have to have access to cannabis.”

3. This is how the monopoly is feeling these days. Sooner the greed stops the sooner Canada can heal in the meantime a price war has broken out between the LP’s and the underground. The Great Canadian Glass Gathering 2019

4. How Canada’s adult use legalization has affected patients
One in four respondents to a recent survey of Canadian medical cannabis patients say that access has become more difficult since the country legalized adult-use marijuana in 2018.
A recent survey, commissioned by Canadians for Fair Access to Medical Marijuana (CFAMM), the Arthritis Society and the Canadian Pharmacists Association (CPhA), brings to light some of the effects of legalization on patients.
The compilation of three separate online surveys of 2,319 Canadian residents aged 18 and over that included nearly 1,000 medical cannabis users highlights some of the challenges, gaps and barriers patients are facing, both in terms of access and support from the health care system.
“The reality is that since legalization it has become easier for recreational users to purchase cannabis than it is for patients to access it through the long-established medical cannabis stream,” the organizations said in a statement, citing supply issues and high costs to obtain medical cannabis.

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