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My First Commercial : The Dopest Vlog

From selling sacks on my pizza deliveries to playing a drug dealer in a commercial…this is gettin dope (Flower Company Commercial)
(intended for the 18 & over)

This is My First Commercial : The Dopest Vlog

— Watch the full commercial on Flower CO. Youtube page (THE LINK IS PINNED IN THE COMMENTS)

When the Flower Company told me they wanted me to be in their commercial I didn’t think they meant something this INSANE!!!
They are makin movies out here dude …. rain machines , water trucks, directors and cranes….I was blown away …a dream come true.

Charlie and I met up a few months ago at a restaurant to talk about what we could do together …I didn’t realize he’s an actual actor , so when it comes to these Flower Company skits it’s a full on movie production …. he’s killin it.

I gotta say…this was the first time I was genuinely nervous for a shoot …the night before I was chain smokin joints ahahahaha … the only thing I was nervous about was messing up my lines and making 30 people wait on me to get it right ….but dude , we got some lines on the first take …. HUUUGE weight off my shoulders when it happened.
I will say without a doubt that this was the best experience I’ve ever had …this is all I’ve wanted to do since I was a kid but never went and tried. When this Dope As Yola thing popped off I didn’t realize it was going to give me the opportunity I was hoping for as a kid….I’m so damn happy and grateful for everything that’s happened ….thank you guys for supporting me.

Thank you so much for watching My First Commercial : The Dopest Vlog

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