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Pizza & Weed : STORY TIME

I sold way more Weed than I did Pizza on my deliveries … and I was always on time 🙂
(Intended for the 18 & over)

Thank you for watching Pizza & Weed : STORY TIME

As many of you know … I used to sell weed on my pizza deliveries … it was a great cover and I did it for 4 years no problem !

I don’t want to get into any details of the story but I’ll say this about story 1 …. that man was a monster hahahahaha.

The fake $10 bill tweaker dude still makes me kinda sad… actually seeing that in person was terrible … I grew up trash , but not that bad!

Delivering pizza was so damn fun , smokin bowls , chillin with my homies that work there, sellin sacks and attempting to finish college …. a great time in my life!

I have soooo many pizza stories … but these are the ones I always stand out to me … some people are wild as hell hahahahaha!

This is the longest story time ever… roll something and get ready for this 🙂

Thanks for watching Pizza & Weed : STORY TIME

Thank you to Stoner Dottie for filming

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