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About Seedsman was started in 2002, originally selling our own brand of seeds produced by Cultivator’s Choice/Sacred Seeds founder ‘Sam The Skunkman’. At the same time as selling seeds to Seedsman, he also sold the rights to all of his strains for medical purposes to GW Pharmaceuticals. We continued to expand our early catalogue with African sativas not easily found today, and then later added feminized strains from Dutch breeders.

In 2005-2006 we were one of two companies to start selling auto-flowering cannabis strains in the world – Lowryder, and its progeny. Within a few years, nearly all seedbanks had auto-flowering strains on their strain list.

At this stage, we moved on to be the first retailer to sell CBD rich strains pioneered by CBD Crew. Since then, we have focused on further elevated CBD levels with Medical Marijuana Genetics.

We now have around 2500 different varieties from 150 different seed companies. We continue to look for genetics that offer some kind of difference in terms of growth characteristics, cannabinoid profiles, flowering time etc. Our aim is to have the most diverse offerings of cannabis genetics in the world, providing “something for everyone”. Sells Internationally.

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