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Should You Hand Trim or Machine Trim Your Cannabis?

Hand trim or machine trim your cannabis?

hand trimmed vs machine trimmed weed

One of the important processes involved  in the production of cannabis is the trimming exercise and it’s importance in determining the quality of the final product to be consumed cannot be overemphasized. Trimming is one of the processes after harvesting aimed at ensuring that the  cannabis buds are free from excess plant leaves and plant materials which will affect the appearance and quality of the cannabis.

Right about now, the question on the mind of majority is how should a proper trimming exercise be carried out. Trimming can either be done by hand (manually) or with the use of a machine.

The method of trimming utilized is very important because trimming goes a long way to determine the appearance of your  cannabis, the quality, and ultimately the experience derived from its usage. The tricky nature and obvious importance of trimming prompts the million  dollar question ‘hand trim or machine trim?’ which of the two methods is the best approach to be used?

What is Hand Trimming?

As the name suggests, hand trimming is a trimming process done by hand (manually) with the use of shears and cutting blades which helps with the removal of leaves and unwanted plant materials.

Hand trimming is the traditional and common way of trimming which is very popular among indoor growers. However, it is not without its own demerits even though it’s merits goes on and on.

The advantages of hand trimming include

 Precision and accuracy – Due to the fact that the trimming is done by hand, it ensures that the trimming process is done in the best way possible with little or no damage to the quality of the bud. The high level of precision and accuracy associated with hand trimming is a huge positive of this method because it doesn’t just enhance the quality of your end product it also gives it that feel that’s irreplaceable.

Hand trimming also provides the advantage of protecting the beauty and fine characteristics of the bud which can only be properly modulated when done manually.

Despite the apparent benefits of hand trimming, an obvious demerit of the method is its slow and time-consuming nature. Due to the fact that hand trimming has to be done manually by trimmers, it ultimately becomes a long and tiring process when a large quantity of buds is to be trimmed. This is obviously a very big problem for commercial growers in the cannabis industry where there is huge demand. This, as well as the tedious nature of the method and having to employ a large number of trimmers for a large quantity of weed are the common drawbacks associated with the hand trimming method.

What is Machine Trimming?

Machine trimming as the name implies involves the use of different types of machines to trim the cannabis plant. The machines used for trimming come in different sizes and operate with varying speeds which is the major advantage of the machine trimming process over hand trimming. Machine trimming is the commonly used process in the commercial industry where large quantities are being dealt with and speed is a crucial factor.

The pros of machine trimming include:

Easier and less labor intensive – It replaces the tedious and labor-intensive attribute of the hand trimming method thus making  the trimming process a lot easier.

Efficiency – Another huge positive attribute of the machine trim method is the high levels of efficiency.

Fast – This method saves a great deal of time as it is fast and helps commercial growers to meet up with the ever-increasing market demand.

Nothing in life is all positives, and machine trimming is not an exception it also has some drawbacks and downsides, and they include:

It is prone to causing damage to the bud due to the fact that unlike the hand trimming process, the machine does not account for the varying nature and peculiarity of each bud when trimming.

Lower quality product – Machine trimming often reduces the quality of the trimming process and can result in over-trimming. The eventual effect of this is a reduction in the appearance and quality of the final bud.

Cost –  Another downside associated with the use of machines for trimming is the fact that the machines are expensive and as such are not very common with indoor and low-scale growers.

Machine trimming is best done using wet trimming which involves the trimming of the bud immediately after it is cut from the stem. This type of trimming reduces the chances of the machine causing damage to the bud. Using wet trimming, the buds are easier to handle for the machine and it ensures that there is a lesser chance for the growth of mold on the bud. The other alternative to wet trimming is dry trimming which involves trimming after the bud is dry. Despite the fact that this is a more precise option, it’s not as efficient as the buds are more likely to be damaged using dry trimming.

The benefits and drawbacks of both ways of trimming are clearly evident which serves as pointers to help in your decision making process. So taking all factors into consideration, which method do you prefer, drop your opinion in the comment section below. Are you for precision and accuracy or you’re in favor of speed and convenience.










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