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Strain Review: Nameless Genetics’ King Kush Provides the Royal Treatment

King Kush from Nameless Genetics offers a winning combination of flavor and effect, augmenting a sweet stoney head buzz with an even sweeter, lingering piney-grape taste.

Today,’s four reviewers explore everything this royal strain has to offer.

Lab test results for Nameless Genetics’ King Kush indicate 513 milligrams of THC and 4.6 milligrams of CBD in an eighth of flower.

Monterey Bud

King Kush by Nameless Genetics (NG) is a diesel-reeking hybrid strain that crosses OG Kush with the mighty Grape Ape. Known for her dark hues, amber pistils, and earthy terpenes, our trichome-covered sample from NG recently earned some serious respect within the kingdom.

Packed into my ceremonial pre-lunch joint, the King Kush strain provided a luxurious stimulant for my subdued appetite. The buds had a typical musky aroma most often associated with a skillfully grown and cured OG. But when shredded for rolling, King Kush unleashed her army of luscious terpenes on my unsuspecting senses. While a bong will deliver a fresh hit of terps rip after bong rip, my joint started off on the grapey side of the flavor spectrum and ended in a blaze of pepper and pine.

The high from NG’s King Kush was nothing short of magnificent. About halfway through the joint, I began to feel the flow of the universe — a mental state in which one moves without thinking and performs without remembering. I welcomed the “flow” as I got back to the rest of the work day.

Allena Braithwaite

All hail King Kush — the cultivar with a reign of immediate chill and relaxation. This Nameless Genetics strain has fluffy nuggets with deep, olive green leaves.

Broken up by hand, King Kush was packed into a bong bowl and ready to roll. During my rip, I couldn’t quite place King Kush’s taste. I held the smoke in my mouth for a few seconds longer than normal, to see if I could identify what it is. “What is that taste? OG? Alpha-Pinene?” I asked myself, but alas, no cigar.

What was undeniably apparent was how hard King Kush hits. King Kush is one of those strains that slaps your face with euphoria, sending tingly numbness traveling down your nose all the way down to your chin, then back up again to leave your eyes drooping. King Kush then  radiated into the back of my head. The stoned-face game is strong with this cultivar. Your system becomes its dominion, and you the subject of a very excellent time.

Suzy Nguyen

Nameless Genetics’ King Kush is an aromatic bud of musky scents. The evergreen nugs glowed with strings of orange hairs and were broken down fairly easily. But don’t let the ease of breaking the buds apart fool you, King Kush packs quite a punch.

After I took a bong pull, the high slowly and subtly made its way into my head before hitting my eyes. My mind began to melt and I felt relaxed. The flavor was not as potent as expected through the glass, However, when I smoked a joint of King Kush flower, my palate got a brief taste of rosemary and thyme with a hint of peppercorn. The high from the joint was mild compared to the bong, but the flavor was more potent through the paper.

Andy Andersen

My colleagues and I packed our King Kush sample in a bong, which ultimately put us in direct contact with this strain’s delicious flavors. I couldn’t quite grasp the taste at first, but after a few bong rips, my mouth was flooded with thick, sweet berry goodness accented by a hint of almost minty pine. This beautiful flavor combo resulted in a long-lasting aftertaste that made the whole sesh more enjoyable.

Just as King Kush’s flavor became clear, and the conversation in the room became more focused, I started to feel the strain’s effects in my cheeks, lips, and eyelids. This really is a strain that hits you smack in the face before it does anything else. It wasn’t long before a heavy, yet invigorating euphoria started swimming through my head and raised my spirits. My eyes  also became a little more sensitive and my vision took on a soft, subtle glow.

King Kush eventually mellowed me out for the rest of the evening, freeing me up to enjoy some quality Netflix time and go to sleep with a clear head. This was a pitch-perfect, end-of-the-day strain that I’d recommend to anyone looking to coast through their post-work hours with equal parts invigoration and deep relaxation

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