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Strain Review: Nameless Genetics’ Mega Wellness Lives Up to its ‘No Name, Just Flame’ Legend

By, Staff

This may be hyperbole, but here we go: Mega Wellness might be the most celebrated strain in the editorial room.

Most of the writers, editors, and coordinators have had plenty of positive encounters with this legendary strain and have shouted its merits at countless 4:20 seshes. It’s “No name, Just Flame” lore has been recounted time and time again.

Needless to say, we were excited to review Mega Wellness, the Nameless Genetics crown jewel in modern-strain royalty.

Lab test results: 19 percent THC per gram. 0.2 percent CBD per gram.

Monterey Bud

Mega Wellness by Nameless Genetics provides further evidence that some strains are just more persuasive than others. Mega Wellness is an incredibly robust indica-like strain that incorporates an impressively tight bud structure. Supple, yet firm, the flower’s overall consistency is complemented by its emerald and olive hues and accentuated by her amber-colored pistils.

I dissected and rolled up the flower in some ungummed Modiano rolling papers for a midday joint. What became immediately apparent after the first couple of tokes was the strain’s terpene-rich flavor and anxiety-reducing properties.

Mega Wellness is one of those standout strains that slaps my mind into shape by helping me chillax. I smoked this tenacious sedative strain after lunch, and let me tell you, I would strongly endorse for those looking to complete their workday with a sense of tranquility.

Allena Braithwaite

Nameless Genetics is known for growing bud with outstanding physical and psychoactive features. At this point in the game, it’s got making fire flower down to an absolute science — selecting specific cultivars to grow strains with the finest of traits. You know, genetics — it’s in the name.

When it comes to mass appeal, Mega Wellness checks every box. The buds were large, sticky and covered in trichomes — even the stem of the nug had peach fuzz! — and the aroma had an intoxicating combination of diesel and kush that I couldn’t wait to fire up.

The Mega Wellness joint we smoked for the sesh delivered the wellness in the form of a mood-lifting high. Deep, muscle-soothing relaxation set in as my spirits lifted up and up. My smoking recommendation: This buzz is best enjoyed in the great outdoors.

Suzy Nguyen

Mega Wellness by Nameless Genetics is a super-frosty bud that glistens at every angle. As I unwrapped the packaging, the scent of pine quickly grazed my senses. The layers of trichomes made for impressive density that, once in the joint, bound the shredded weed together and made for a clean, smooth burn. While the flavor profile wasn’t too distinct, every hit managed to pack a serious punch.

From head to toe, I could feel Mega Wellness working its good charm on me. First, my headache was gone. Then, the tension in my neck and shoulders eased up. And before I knew it, Mega Wellness hit home and freed my lower back from the evil grip of tightness.

Overall, I’d happily make Nameless Genetics’ Mega Wellness one of my staple pain-relieving strains.

Andy Andersen

I’ll cut to the chase with this one: Mega Wellness is an absolute winner.

There’s really nothing to dislike about this dense, diesel-y, and glistening bud from Nameless Genetics. Our lunchtime Mega Wellness joint offered a smooth, light, and endlessly pleasant smoke filled with a mild, earthy taste, and a body high that wouldn’t quit.

Mega Wellness left me relaxed both mentally and physically for the entire afternoon. My head never got foggy, so I was able to engage in plenty of fun conversation, as well as focused, productive work throughout the day. True to the strain’s name, the effects of Mega Wellness feel therapeutic, but not overpowering. This is some unmistakably relaxing stuff, but it’s also a versatile strain that’s great for kicking back with friends, or settling into some seriously soothing me-time, man.

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