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Summer’s here! Time to relax and enjoy the sun

It’s high summer and many of us are on vacation or preparing to go camping, to festivals, or to simply relax, enjoy the sun and have a good time. For cannabis lovers, the long summer holidays also represent the best opportunity to calmly savour our harvest… for example, enjoying a quiet summer afternoon with a good Sativa can be priceless, or taking a dip at the beach after a nice tasty dab.

In this article we’d like to suggest a few products from our catalogue that we think are ideal for cannabis smokers on holiday or who simply want to enjoy summer and share their herb with their friends in a comfortable and easy way.

Happy swimming!

It's time to relax and enjoy the summer

It’s time to relax and enjoy the summer

Abscent anti-odour bags

Ideal to travel discreetly, Abscent offers a range of anti-odour products such as bags, backpacks, purses, toiletry bags… all of the highest quality and specially designed to neutralise and contain the powerful aromas given off by our cannabis. With them we can store and move our buds or cannabis concentrates without the pungent smell raising suspicion. In addition, Abscent models with larger capacity will also allow us to transport the more bulky accessories for the consumption of our favourite plant: grinders, pipes, bongs, etc.

Manufactured with several layers of activated carbon, with high quality seams, hermetic closures and with a water resistant material, it is the most efficient solution to travel with utmost discretion.

Abscent Odour-neutralising Backpack

Abscent Anti-odour Backpack

There are several Abscent models of different sizes, ideal to meet all needs. The Pocket Protector, their smallest model, has a size of 11.5cm x 14cm, very practical for carrying small quantities (some cannabis buds or a few grams of concentrates). For travellers who need to move with their accessories, Abscent also offers an anti-odour backpack, completely covered with active carbon, supplied with an additional large capacity inner liner bag that’s also treated with activated carbon, the zippers feature a waterproof rubber coating, and they even come with padlock loops to protect our goods from prying eyes and unwanted hands.

Secret stashes

Among the confusion and disorder in campsites and festivals, it’s easy to lose track of our stash of grass, which can become a serious problem for cannabis smokers, running out of stock for the rest of the holidays.

Fortunately, we can find a wide range of accessories to hide grass and cannabis extractions available on the market today. There are different sizes, capacities and types, all of them with their secret compartment. From the traditional soda pop bottle, to a zipper concealment belt, hairbrush, shaving foam bottle, screwdriver, camera lens… a wide variety of objects that can help us hide our buds or resin in any situation.

Stash pot in the form of hair brush

Hair brush with secret compartment designed for hiding cannabis

Cannabis books

The summer vacations are the perfect opportunity to catch up with your reading, either with the traditional holiday novel read between snoozes on the beach or pored over at night in the tent and with the help of the flashlight. If you have the privilege of these quiet moments for reading, here are some cannabis-themed books in our catalogue that we recommend specially for vacations:

  • Mr. NICE – Autobiography of Howard Marks. A classic among the classics, Mr Nice, for those who have not yet read it or who want to remember the fascinating stories of one of the most iconic characters in the cannabis community. An autobiographical novel full of incredible anecdotes about this big-hearted hash and cannabis smuggler that will transport you all over the world to meet quirky characters and witness the most amazing situations, with the CIA, the IRA, the Mafia or British espionage services playing their part as additional characters…
  • Kit, an anti-prohibitionist novel. An interesting novel by Carlos Fresnedas in which he portrays the hypocrisy on the part of all those involved in the consumption of cannabis and its legalization, from politicians to the cannabis activist who hides behind a nickname. An interesting plot of political intrigues with the legalisation of cannabis as a background scenario that will undoubtedly make you pass much faster this summer!
Autobiography of Mr Nice, the alias of Howard Marks

Autobiography of Mr Nice

Silicone bongs

For fans of bongs and pipes that don’t want to take their glassware to the beach or to the barbecues at night, silicone bongs are the perfect solution. They can be safely passed around from stoner to stoner without any need to worry about them accidentally falling to the ground, which is almost inevitable in these nocturnal situations at one time or another. Thanks to their flexibility, they can easily be folded, stored in a bag and taken anywhere.

The bowl and the downstem that connects it to the bong are made of borosilicate glass and are easy to clean. The standard joint size (14 mm) makes it easy to replace in case of breakage or loss. Borosilicate glass offers the best possible flavour, allowing us enjoy the full terpene experience of our herb, but in a practically unbreakable silicone bongs. Some models can even hold ice cubes in the tube to cool the smoke, a sensationally refreshing way to smoke in a heat wave!

Silicone bongs, resistant and highly practical when traveling

Silicone bongs, unbreakable – very practical for traveling

Toxin purifiers

Of course, as we all know, it’s dangerous to drive under the influence of cannabis. However, the roadside tests carried out by police are not always fair, as traces of THC can remain in the body long after consumption, although they do not cause any effect. In our catalogue we offer a range of products known as toxin purifiers, for example:

  • Kleaner: Available in spray, drops or moist wipes, Kleaner does not contain dangerous or toxic products. Effective between 30 minutes and 1 hour for saliva, the moist wipes on the skin will have an effectiveness of 3 to 5 hours after the application.
  • Mouth Wash: Liquid mouthwash, Mouth Wash is effective and easy to use to eliminate traces of THC in the mouth. After a 3 minute mouth rinse, the product will be effective for approximately 45 minutes.
  • High Voltage: A liquid toxin cleaning mouthwash, High Voltage contains alcohol, so we must be careful not to use it just before the roadside test, at the risk of giving positive results for alcohol (as with other mouth rinses). A one-minute mouth rinse will give an hour’s protection.
Kleaner toxin cleaner

Kleaner toxin cleaner

Weed Worker

Smoking good weed feels great… but smoking in comfort feels far better! The Weed Worker inflatable lounger will quickly become your best friend this summer. Thanks to this blow-up sofa you can spend the summer comfortably relaxing while appreciating the flavours of your finest buds, anywhere you like and in a very easy way.

Since a good holiday isn’t the same without all the proper comforts, Weed Worker is an air bed that works without a pump and does not need electricity to inflate. Thanks to an ingenious system, all we need to do is unpack the big cushion, let in the air and close it again. Easy to carry, it includes a storage bag to take it comfortably from the pool to the beach or back home. You’ll soon find that your Weed Worker is indispensable for those moments of relaxation!

Inflatable sofa from Weed Worker

Weed Worker Inflatable lounger

We hope you’ve enjoyed this list of products, you can find many more at We wish you all a sunny summer full of cannabinoids and terpenes, whether you are on vacation or at home!


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