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Making cannabis editable and why dosing is so important.
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Continuing the discussion of seedling to vegetative growth
With the growth phase, you can largely determine the dimensions, shape, and yield of your plants. There are various ways of raising cannabis and these are to a large extent dependent on their way of growing. You can put many plants into a square meter; then it is important not to give them much growing time. The plants may not be allowed to get too big or they will suppress each other. The fewer plants you choose to raise, the more growth you can allow them.
A seed plant goes through various stages and becomes mature after about a month of growth. The better you are as a grower the faster you can bring a seed plant to adulthood. We have been demonstrating all this as we go along each week with live updates of live plants.
If you look at an immature seed plant then the side branches are proportionately straight. Once the seed plant has become adult then the side branches will also begin to grow step-wise. By giving them more or less growth then, you can determine the dimensions of your plants.
But remember that simply making a plant bigger does not necessarily mean you will get a bigger yield from it. It is especially important as a beginner grower to appreciate that a plant undergoes a tremendous rate of development once it is put into bloom and will continue to increase in size for a good three weeks before it reaches its eventual size.

More on the show as we dig deep into growing the cannabis plant in its simplest to complex forms.

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How to grow weed with this world famous guide.

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