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That’s Entertainment! Denver Social Lounge to Welcome Vapers

Cannabis users in Colorado will soon have a place to call their own that promises unique entertainment and activities catering to the marijuana lifestyle.

While most local ordinances for recreational cannabis use prohibit public consumption, a new cannabis entertainment model could be emerging with the recent approval of a cannabis social consumption permit for Vape and Play, a Denver-based marijuana business promising a safe space to, well, vape and play. Businesses licensed through the permit are allowed designated consumption areas (DCA) within their facilities for cannabis consumption. Under the permit, only those 21 and older can enter these areas, and no sales or distribution of marijuana can occur, according to the city of Denver. Guests must bring their own cannabis.

“We really are trying to expand our brand and expand social cannabis consumption in general,” founder Taylor Rosean told “I think the whole cannabis community just wants to shine and I think that the more venues like this exist, the more we’ll see the best of this business.”

Construction for Vape and Play began in September 2018. The new cannabis-focused entertainment venue will be located at 1753 S. Broadway, neighboring several restaurants, dispensaries, and breweries in the Overland neighborhood.

Rosean envisions Vape and Play, which is currently scheduled for a late November 2018 opening, as an entertainment venue at the center of which is a saloon-style Vape Bar with fixed vaporizers where guests can consume their own cannabis and hash products. Each vaporizer – called a Badpenny and engineered specifically for the bar – has a disposable sterile mouthpiece that is swapped out for a new piece before each use. Vape and Play guests are asked to leave their cannabis paraphernalia and edibles at home, but bring their cannabis and cannabis concentrates for use in the Vape Bar.

Though the original concept for Vape and Play was that of a marijuana video game arcade, Rosean opted for a broader entertainment center catering to cannabis users. Details are still being sorted, but some of these entertainment options will include live bands, comedians, educational seminars, yoga and fitness classes, and even a sing-along piano bar.  

“That’s not to say that we don’t have time for arcades in the future, but this first location, we really wanted to be accessible and available for everyone,” Rosean said.

Rosean said he wants Vape and Play to be as inclusive as possible to all tolerance levels – from novice to experienced – and to appeal to a wide variety of entertainment tastes. On days with no live entertainment, there will still be activities guests can use to unwind in a comfortable environment.

“We are gonna have puzzles and board games and coloring books,” he said.

Plus, TVs throughout the approximately 2,000-square-foot, or nearly 186-square-meter, entertainment space will play documentaries produced by dispensaries, as well as commercials.

“I’m really excited to start collaborating with local cannabis entrepreneurs,” he said.

Rosean said the inspiration for the various forms of entertainment Vape and Play will offer comes from his own immersion into the cannabis lifestyle. He’s had a medical marijuana card since 2010 and previously worked as a general manager for a medical marijuana dispensary conglomerate.

“We really wanted to be a place that’s available for everyone … so we really wanted to expand on the entertainment concept,” said Rosean.

Vape and Play will operate like a visit to the movie theater – with guests purchasing entry in two- to three-hour windows. The goal is to eventually open up more locations in Colorado and other markets, as more change regulations to allow for onsite recreational marijuana use. In the meantime, Rosean said tourists are definitely welcome.

“We’re really trying to expand the way people think of cannabis,” he said. “I love the cannabis community and the cannabis industry. … I look at this as the least I can do in giving back to the people that inspired me.”

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