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Sixty-five years after he smoked his first joint, Willie Nelson is America’s most legendary stoner and a walking testament to the power of weed. It may have even saved his life.

Willie Nelson is sitting on a couch at his home, a modest cabin that overlooks his 700 acres of gorgeous Texas Hill Country, when he reaches into his sweatshirt and produces a small, square vaporizer, takes a hit and exhales slowly. “Wanna puff?” he asks.

Nelson’s wife, Annie, setting down a cup of coffee on a DVD case working as a coaster in front of him, speaks up. “Careful with that, babe,” she says. “You have to sing tonight.”

– Read the entire article at Rolling Stone.

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Dakota Junior June 12, 2019 at 10:35 pm

I smoke weed to flesh out reality, not to make a break. I don’t use cannabis because I hate my job or my life. I don’t smoke weed because I can’t pay my bills. I definitely don’t smoke weed to avoid working on my relationship. As a matter of fact, cannabis has done a lot to help my relationship. I am depressed about the state of the world and Donald Trump being the president, but smoking weed doesn’t help me escape those facts. It does make those things easier to process, but I don’t forget them. In fact, this site is one of the sources of my weeds I smoke weed because I’m bipolar and I have a social anxiety disorder, and it helps me deal with it without taking pills. I smoke weed because it helps make me a better person.

mrwonderful June 14, 2019 at 11:20 am

Thanks for writing and I am glad that the cannabis stigma is wearing thin and
many people are finding relief from their symptoms. You are right, find the strain
right for you and go from there. I have extensive experience with the BIG PHARMA monster
and going natural is much better. I no longer smoke but need to grab some quality CBD oil/bud
and test it out.

Insofar as the news is concerned.. wean yourself off of it. Remember, it’s all bread and circuses at work,
just like the ancient Romans figured out. Keep the masses occupied with horse shit coming from every
direction in order to daze and confuse the man/woman on the street.

Consider this: 99% of what the ‘media’ pukes out cannot be proven by ANYONE. It’s a mind game, try ignoring
it for a month then 2 months. Believe me, it can work wonders for your mind!

Peace & Thanks for your visit & insight,


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