July 20, 2019
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Why Are Clipper Lighters So Popular?

Why the Clipper Lighters Are so Popular?

There are so many different lighters out there. Some prefer them smaller while others prefer bigger ones. There are also different strengths to them. A regular butane lighter will only give out a small flame. Torches are super strong and have a direct strong flame. Although people consume marijuana differently, the truth is, most people prefer to smoke it.

One of the most lost possessions from any potheads is the lighter, with no doubt. Anytime you smoke around a group of friends or even with one or two of them, you notice lighters keep coming up missing. They don’t vanish into thin air but one of your friends still has it and has forgotten to give it back. Although it’s not for everyone, the best way to not lose a lighter is to use a weed vaporizer.

One of the best ways to avoid this is by having the most unique lighter. Not only will you remember to get it back but your friend will give it back too. A clipper is one of the best lights to use when you smoke weed.

What are Clipper Lighters?

Clipper lighters are specific thick circular lighters that are designed with weed smokers in mind. First and foremost, like most others, these are disposable and refillable. It has a tough nylon body with a flint on top that can be replaced. Even if it gets soaked underneath the water, you can bet the flint can work, if not be replaced.


One of the great things people love about these is because of the various designs they have. The main design that they’re known for is the light brown RAW Clipper lighter. RAW has been a big motivator behind these lighters being such a big hit. The beautiful yet simple design has boosted all the different designs including the special editions. There are also 420 editions along with collaboration with other cannabis companies.

Why It’s the Best for Weed Smoking?

One of the reasons people love using Clipper is because of the flint that is removable. You can use the tail end of it to pack your herbs into your joint. You can even pack your herbs down in a pre-rolled cone. Cones make it super easy to smoke joints nowadays.


Even though it’s not an electrical gadget, the Clipper lighter still has some features other lighters generally don’t.

Replaceable Flint

Having a replaceable flint on a lighter is very handy. Not only do you get to replace it if it gets wet or dries up, but you get to use it as a poker tool. A flint is the part that creates the spark. The spark reaches the butane which creates a flame.


Most lighters come with the option to refill your lighter with gas butane and unfortunately some do not. The Clipper lighters all come with the option which makes it a perfect refillable light. Simply use the nozzle in your butane and insert it into the bottom refiller.

Bottom Packer

If you smoke from pipes with bowls and you pack the bowl with the bottom of a lighter, the Clipper can help you pack it down. Not only is it circular to fit your bowl but it’s black to make sure it doesn’t show any stains, dirt or resin.

Higher Flame Upside Down

If you like to smoke bowls from your pipe or water pipe, using the Clipper lighter will definitely assist you. When you flip the lighters upside down, you get more gas released. This helps the flame get bigger so when you flip your lighter upside down to light you bowl, you will get a stronger flame.

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