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Yes, the Government is Still Lying about Cannabis in 2020

Government still lying about cannabis in 2020

samhsa marijuana video

With so many ballots and candidates talking about legalizing cannabis or ending federal prohibition – one would think that the educational models of the government would have changed its tone since the 1980s. One would be wrong.

Today it is my displeasure to share with you a gem of toxicity cobbled together by the genius minds of the folks working at SAMHSA – Substance Abuse & Mental Health Services Administration.

As you all may know – the government has been trying to convince us that cannabis is bad since it first conceptualized the idea of banning it back in 1937.  This especially got bad during the 1980s-1990s “Just Say No” era brought to us by Nancy Raegan.

I have – in the past – made list about the best (worst) anti-cannabis PSAs you can read about here and while I would love to update that list – today, I’m here talking about the contents of the video itself.

I think it’s very important that we hold those who wish to imprison us under significant scrutiny. For instance, it’s not legal for you to own a cannabis company and claim that “cannabis may help kill cancer cells” because the federal government will hail down scorn and fury if you do.

The FDA sent warning letters to several CBD companies last year because of the way they were advertised. I worked with a client last year who had their Visa account banned for selling CBD-related products [despite it being 100% legal all over the US].

The reason why Visa froze the account – according to my client – was because they had made “medical claims about CBD” which was not approved by the FDA. In other words, Visa received pressure from the FDA to freeze accounts on anyone who is making money off “legal goods” because of apparent ‘false claims’ or at the very least “clinically not-proven statements” within their marketing.

Okay – from the perspective of ‘keeping it real’ – making claims about something without having definitive proof that its true could be perceived as disingenuous. However, in the case of CBD and cannabis in general – there are plenty of medical studies on the efficacy of the plant EXCEPT that the FDA doesn’t “consider those studies to be valid”.

These are studies stemming back from the 1970s from countries like Israel who are decades ahead of the US in terms of medical cannabis research. Nonetheless – let’s give them that. If the standard of the narrative concerning cannabis is “100% Factual Honesty” then let’s make sure that everybody is following these “strict guidelines”.

Claims made in the SAMHSA Video

The SAMHSA video takes the concept of “building a brain” and goes through a multitude of false-claims about cannabis – but we don’t see the FDA forcing Youtube to remove that video now do we?

Here’s the transcript of the video;

The human brain – it takes years to build one right. Adding memories –  to knowledge…to experience – the result is who you are and what you know.

But you can also undo….unscrew…and forget…

Using marijuana is like that.

Marijuana can erase IQ points
It can delete memories (LOL WTF?!?)
And ‘short-circuit’ the brain’s ability to concentrate

It takes years to build a brain…it might be worth a little time to learn more about marijuana and its risks.

Go to to learn more and “use your brain…it’s the only one you’ve got!”


I simply had to post the entire transcript of the video for a wide variety of reasons. Firstly, when you get to see what is being said void of context in the video – it becomes painfully clear the deliberate misinformation campaign being perpetuated with YOUR TAX DOLLARS.

Here’s the most important points;

The Brain Metaphor – The simplification of your cerebral functions and development fails to address the “numerous endocannabinoid receptors” scattered throughout the brain. It would have been nice to provide a more accurate depiction of our own physiology.

Unscrew and Forget? – This is probably one of the more disturbing parts of the video. I know this is a metaphor of a brain, but seriously – nobody “truly forgets” anything. It’s always stored somewhere, simply – the ability to recall is altered. Another thing that makes you “forget” is learning new things. We tend to focus on information that is “important” to us in the moment – the rest we suppress.

Marijuana can erase IQ points – This is absolutely not true. How does cannabis “erase” IQ points? It’s not proven science, but it’s permitted to be broadcasted under the banner of “mental health”

It can Delete memories – There you go folks! You got a bad memory? Smoke some weed and forget your woes. In fact, cannabis users are naturally super human geniuses with the inability to ever forget anything – if it wasn’t for smoking weed, they their “non-humanness” would be ever apparent.

Short Circuit the brain’s ability to concentrate – Where do they get this stuff from? I’ve been researching cannabis for close to twenty years now and never have I heard of a study talking about cannabis “short-circuiting” the brain’s ability to concentrate. Additionally, for how long? Indefinitely? A second or two? What is the definition of short-circuit even mean?

Why this should piss you off!

This year – politicians will be telling you about how much they love weed and how they are going to legalize it…however, a large majority of them had something to do with keeping cannabis illegal in the first place. The “tough on drugs” fucks of old need to simply be removed from office…period!

This should piss you off because they are using cannabis to get elected, choke-holding cannabis businesses due to strict regulation while simultaneously utilizing your money to continue a narrative based on misinformation and lies.

Welcome to 2020!







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